Platinum Membership


The Platinum Membership is our most elite membership package. Platinum Members receive all the protection and security features that Rhodium45 has to offer, including:
  • Storage for one vehicle in our insured and bonded 20,000 sq.ft. climate-controlled facility
  • 24/7 video monitoring
  • Fire suppression systems.
The Platinum Membership also grants access to our exclusive lounge space, offering:
  • Large screen TVs
  • A fully serviced kitchen and bar area
  • Full library with research material, computers, conference room access, wifi, and printing/copying/scanning equipment
Platinum Members will also receive the following maintenance services:
  • Tire Pressure Maintenance (2x per month)
  • Dry cleaning/dusting of vehicle (2x per month)
  • Vehicle move in/move outs (4x per month)
  • Battery Maintenance (includes trickle charging) (4x per month)
  • Monthly starting & and running of vehicle (2x per month)
    • Each vehicle will be started and brought to temperature while running all systems
  • Museum-quality vehicle placement
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Storage Management for 1 Vehicle

Tire Pressure Maintenance (1x per month)

Dry cleaning/ Dusting of Vehicle (1x per month)

Move In/Out (2x per month)

Service Coordination (Available)

Detail Services ($250 per detailing)

Local & National Transportation Coordination (Available)


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